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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Pop-Pop's Birthday

Today we had a lovely meal at the Town House in Media for "Daddy's Pop-Pop's" birthday. It was really nice to see all of our family and David enjoyed sitting next to Kaylynn. It was all going so wonderfully...that is until David came down with a stomach bug!!! He started asking to go potty every 5 minutes and saying his "belly hurt" shortly after he finished eating his ravioli and meatball. Then as I (Sarah) was holding him and trying to comfort him he threw up all over himself, me and the floor!!! It was the worst he'd ever been sick. We did our best to clean him and the floor up and had to leave suddenly. When we got to the car, we stripped him down to his undies. He continued to throw up all the way home. Right now he's sitting next to me watching a movie with a bucket. Every now and then he has to throw up again and we try to help him. Poor little guy!!! He'll sleep in our room tonight so we can help him throw up if he needs too. I am praying that this is a quick virus as it's so hard to see our little guy so sick. I am also praying that Owen doesn't get this! Anyway, I wasn't able to get ANY pictures today because of all the craziness. Hopefully, I can borrow some from Mommom. Happy Birthday Pop-Pop! We love you!

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