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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Camping Trip!

Last weekend we took our boys on their very first camping trip! We went to Hickory Run State Park which is very dear to me and my family. We used to go there every year with all of our friends. I have so many precious memories over the years from our trips there! It's a beautiful place to go and perfect for the kids because there is so much to do! We went with my parents and my sister and it was really special getting to take my own children there and show them all of our favorite places. We want to make it a yearly trip with our boys because they had the time of their lives! I hope we can go with our friends too.

The boys loved wading through the creeks and rivers! No fear!

Our hike to Hawk Falls...we went there every year starting when we were little kids! What memories!

All of us and our friends used to jump off the waterfalls...the water is very deep and nice to swim in. We did some crazy things!

Love them.

Our boys loved the freedom to explore the woods and sleep in the tent and makes smores and just have fun. We had a great time!

We all told stories while we ate our smores.

Liam loved the swings!

Trying to catch fish!

Exploring the creek and walking through the woods!

At the waterfall bridge near our campsite!

Liam just LOVED the freedom he had to run around!

Now in the big field near our campsite, they have a fantastic playground!

Happy Birthday Abigail!

I am way behind on our blog again...too busy!

A couple of weeks ago we got to celebrate a special little girl's 3rd birthday! Abby had a "princess party" and our boys had a great time! :) We love you Abby and hope we get to celebrate many more years and birthday to come!

Keith and Lindy got Abby a doll house...and it was a big hit for all the kids!

Happy boys!

Owen and Abby played for a LONG time with the doll house...they were playing "Mommy and Daddy". It was so sweet! They really are cute together.

It was a great party with lots of fun crafts and games! Our boys had a blast!