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Thursday, October 29, 2009

David's First Field Trip

David went on his first field trip with school a couple of weeks ago to a pumpkin farm! He got to pick corn and pumpkins, go on a hayride, go through a soybean maze, learn all about pumpkins and gourds, and go through the train. It was a fun day and Mommy and Owen got to come along too!

His first trip on a real school bus!

Snack time

The littlest tag-along!

Trip to Milburn Orchards with our friends!

We were able to go up to Milburn Orchards with our friend a couple of weeks ago and it was a beautiful fall day. We had such a great time!

Here is my attempt at a picture with the boys...Owen was too busy looking at the pumpkins! :)

Owen loves animals. He LOVED the cow and kept saying, "moo, moo, moo!"
It was so adorable.

The hayride!

Owen wasn't so sure what to think of all the hay.

25th Anniversary

A few weeks ago, we traveled up to CFC two weeks in a row to celebrate their 25th anniversary. It was a very emotional night, filled with so many memories. We walked away freshly grateful for the goodness of God in our lives through that church. Some highlights for me were: the museum which was simply amazing! Seeing old, dear friends who feel more like my family. My dad was able to be a part of a panel of original church plant team members and they recounted the early days of the church which is a part of my childhood that I cherish. The eighties band led my Bill Patton. When I saw them walk out and saw Mr. Patton, I began to cry. The slideshows and the laughter. It was a wonderful time looking back on the past 25 years and recounting the goodness and faithfulness of our God.

the panel with my dad

The eighties band

This was powerful. Different people came up to the song, "Prodigal" and on one side of their banner, it showed their life before Christ and the other side what Christ had done for them through the church.

Visit with the Culley's!

A few weeks back, we went up to PA to visit my dear friend, Jen, and her family. We went to Linvilla Orchards and picked the most delicious apples and than had lunch at her home. Homemade pizza that was YUMMY! It was such a wonderful day and my two boys LOVED playing with her kids. David adores Sydney. He can't wait to see her again! :)

These guys were just content to munch on their apples while we picked!

Jen and I are both expecting and it's been a blessing that we are going to have little ones so close in age!


We've been enjoying soccer this fall with David. He really has grown and learned the sport. Our coach is the best! Coach Josh has been super and he's really helped all of the kids learn about soccer and how to be a part of a team. David has been doing very well, and I can't wait to see him grow in the years to come!

We celebrated David's 4th birthday at the end of September. (Yeah, I'm just a little behind!) It was such a fun day and all of our family was able to attend. Mommom once again outdid herself and made David a beautiful Mickey and friends cake. This year, we did a Mickey theme, because we went to Disney World and David (and Owen) loves Mickey. We are so grateful for our family and friends who love our boy. It was a very special day for David and he was so excited! He was counting down the days until his party and he enjoyed every minute of it. :)

They all loved the Mickey ears...especially Owen.

Mickey pinata!

Singing "Happy Birthday!"

Blowing out all four candles!

Opening the presents...everyone was so kind and generous to David! He loves everything!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One down...


How sweet is it to beat NY in NY in the rain!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where have we been?

You may be wondering about the lack of posts...I promise I will catch up as soon as our new computer is up and running. Our laptops are giving me trouble with pictures.

A lot has happened and it has been a very busy few weeks for us!

Baby Johnston is doing well. David and Owen got to listen to the heartbeat for the first time this morning and I must say they were "underwhelmed". :) Got my H1N1 shot taken care of too. Everything looks good and we are eagerly awaiting our first level II ultrasound in November. Any guesses on boy or girl? Also, I am eagerly awaiting the end of pregnancy sickness!!!

David has been busy at school with school pictures and his first field trip with a ride on a real school bus. A highlight for him. Owen is walking all around now and had a trip to the ER from a fall and a cut to his chin. Fortunately the doctor was able to use glue and not stitches and he's back to being the jolly little guy he is.

The boys have been enjoying watching the afternoon Phillies playoff games. They are both fans already! As soon as the game comes on, Owen lights up and starts chanting, "Baseball, baseball!" and "Go, go, go!". It is so adorable! He claps when they make a good play too. He is already a little sports fan. David loves to watch the games too and he gets so excited when a home run is hit. What fun. Although, I must say, these evening games are really taking away my sleep! :) Go Phils!!!

Well, hopefully I'll be able to get the posts and pictures up by the end of this week. I will leave you with a funny pregnancy story that I blame on "pregnancy brain." :) Enjoy!

A few weeks ago, I spent the day with my dear friend, Jen, and her kids. We all went to Linvilla Orchards to pick apples and enjoyed the playground with kids afterwards. Well, we parked near the apple trees and it was quite a walk to the playground, so I moved the car closer. We all went to the playground and walked back to the car. I searched through my purse to find my keys, with no luck. As I am frantically searching for the keys, Jen's daughter Rebekah says, "I think the car is running!" YES folks, I left the keys in the car with the car RUNNING THE WHOLE TIME! Not my finest moment. :)