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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dave and Dan's Triathlon at the beach

Saturday, Dave and his brother Dan competed in a triathlon in Wildwood, NJ. They swam in the ocean, then biked, then ran on the sand. I was so sorry to miss it, but had to take care of the kiddos. Dan's girlfriend Amy got some great pics! This was Dan's first tri and he did great! Dave really enjoyed having a cheering section of friends and his Dad and Pearl too. And, he really enjoyed doing it with his brother. He was (we think) a little dehydrated after the race and felt ill for a couple of hours, but felt better after drinking and was able to enjoy the rest of the day.

Dave was sick all last week and got very little sleep because he basically worked all week (night and day). Yet, he still competed in and finished the race with a great time! He really is an ironman. :) Love you baby! Great job!

My boys

Me and my littlelest baby. Love my little Lili.

Owen loves his little brother and loves to try to help take care of him. It really is sweet to see him caring for him especially when Liam is crying.

I LOVE this picture even though Owen isn't looking at the camera. Look at Liam and David...they looks so alike and have almost the same expression on their faces!!! LOL.


David had his last swim lesson of the summer last week. We are so proud of how hard he worked all summer! He really enjoyed it and it was so cute to see him trying so hard to do what his teachers asked him to do. It's hard for me to believe that my baby can swim now. He's growing up so fast.

Beach fun

A couple of weeks ago, we went for the 5th time to our favorite DE beach with our friends, the Goodsell's. The VanBerkom's also joined us later on in the day. The water was very rough, but the kids had a blast and Jason and Dave did too! The weather was beautiful and we so enjoyed the day. We are going to miss these beach days! Summer is coming to end far too quickly! We are so excited for our beach weekend with Mommom and Poppop coming up and our Outer Banks week too.

Dave and Jason out in the big waves.


David and Ethan were really fearless in the waves...and they has so much fun!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Beach

On Saturday we went to our favorite beach with the Jackson's! It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun! The boys really enjoyed the water and the waves. Abby loved the water too! Owen enjoyed going out past the waves with Dave. He still does not like the waves! :) The current wasn't strong, so riding the waves was really fun!

We all went to Grotto's for pizza afterwards. It was a very fun memory!

I just love Abby's hat!

Fun with my boys

I love watching David and Owen together...they have such a blast! I love their joy!

Visit with Friends

On Friday, Ihad Jen and Lindy over with their kids. We had such a great time together! All the kids get along so well. David especially enjoys all the fun games he gets to play with Sydney and
Owen and Liam were playing together too. We got all of our children together for a photo and they all did so well!!! LOVE these kids!

These photos were taken by Rebekah who is really good at taking pictures!
Mama and Luke. What a sweet baby boy!

Fun in the pool.

Luke and Liam were laughing and talking to each was SOOO cute.

Another great shot by Rebekah!

I think this picture if so funny, because Liam looks so HUGE. LOL.