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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Milburn Orchards

On Saturday we took a trip with Mimi to Milburn Orchards. It was a beautiful crisp Autumn day (a little on the chilly side, but beautiful!). We took David on a hayride and (we didn't know this until it happened!) all the wagons had hay fights as they passed each other. Needless to say, David, Mimi and I were all completely covered in hay by the end of the ride. Thank goodness we didn't bring Owen! :) David also rode on a "real horsie"! He also enjoyed petting the goats, although he was little nervous about feeding them. David found a big hill and enjoyed running up and down it with Daddy! There was so much to do...we could've stayed there all day! We had a wonderful time and David had fun running from activity to activity. And, the apple cider donuts are to die for!!!!! Mmmm...

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Maura said...

I love the picture of David with the pumpkins!!! I hope you all are feeling better soon!