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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


David has been taking a class at our YMCA to introduce many different sports. It's a great class with lots of fun and a great way to get some exercise! David loves it and is taking it with his friend Isaac. So far they have been introduced to floor hockey (see above), soccer, t-ball, kickball, and lacrosse. Each class begins and ends with stretches (which is a riot...they have no idea what they are doing!). Then they have a warm-up with running, relay races, scooter games, and more. David and Owen love to move and this is such a great way to do it! I am looking forward to taking the class again and in a couple of years for Owen to take it too. We love our Y and will be starting up swim lessons again at the end of October for both David and Owen.

David's Birthday Celebrations - Part 4

The last celebration was a little party with many of David's friends. We turned on the water slide and had a blast! (A chaotic blast!) It was so special to have so many of our friends and David's friends celebrate with us. We are very grateful for the many special friends in our lives!

It was a birthday to remember!

David's Birthday Celebrations - Part 3

David has his very first sleepover for his 5th birthday! We thought that we would start with one and work our way up from there. :)

Isaac spent the night after David's party. The boys each had their own flashlight, Lightning McQueen sleeping bag and we even had a Lightning McQueen tent! Owen was even able to participate by sleeping on the floor right outside the tent. :) They all went to bed around 9:30 and slept until about 5:45. Not bad! I thought for sure that they'd all be up throughout the night, but once they were asleep, they slept through the night. The boys LOVED the tent and playing with their glow sticks and flash lights. It was a really special and fun memory for all of us. It went so well that we can't wait to have another sleepover soon! I'm also glad that Owen was included in the's great that he is friends with Isaac and lots of David's friends as well. I still can't believe that David is 5 and that he already had his first sleepover!

David's Birthday Celebrations - Part 2

We had our families and friends over on Saturday to watch David's soccer game and afterwards for a birthday party for David. Mommom once again made a fantastic Toy Story cake. We purchased a moon bounce/water slide for the occasion and so that we have it to use for the many parties to come over the years. :) The kids loved it! David really enjoyed playing with his brother Owen and Kaylynn and Isaac and Abby and Brendon. We had a wonderful afternoon with our family and friends. It was a special memory for all of us!

David's Toy Story cake!

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Brendon is so cute!!! He loved to take the drinks out and hand each person a drink. :)

David's Birthday Celebrations - Part 1

We had several celebrations for David's birthday. On his actual birthday, I took the boys out for breakfast to their favorite place, Bob Evans. They enjoyed their pancakes and sausage! It was a special time together.

Later that evening, after David's soccer practice, we all went to Friendly's for birthday sundaes! David was able to make his own sundae which was a treat. We all honored David and shared what we appreciate about him and where we see God working in him. I wrote a letter to David that I read to him and it was very sweet to see how blessed David was by the encouragement. It's a tradition to encourage and honor the birthday person in our family. We want to celebrate the grace of God that we see in the hearts of each member of our little family. It was a really fun day!

Building and eating his own sundae!

A birthday breakfast!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Outer Banks - The Sound & The House

We went to the sound walkway/park a couple of mornings and had breakfast there. We also went exploring with the boys and tried fishing with our net. We didn't catch anything, but David really enjoyed it. I think that next summer, Dave will be taking the older boys fishing quite a lot. David is so fascinated by creatures in the ocean and in the water. He loves learning about all of them and it was a treat to get to see some crabs and fish.

We also loved the house we stayed in this year. It was so comfortable and we really had a wonderful week. We are looking forward to next year!

Trying to catch some fish. :)

Coffee and donuts. My favorite!

Asher and will be fun to see them next year. They will be little toddlers. :)

Dave working...he didn't have to work very much, just a little.

Listening to the ocean!

Having my mom with us (and Mrs. Jackson) was a huge blessing!!! We loved making special memories with Mimi and she was a HUGE help to us. It was so much fun having her and we hope to have her with us next year too!!! Nana and Mimi are so loved by all!

Playing foosball which was a highlight for our boys. They loved it!