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Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 6...Our last day

Our last day (Nooo!!!) was the best beach day yet. The weather was absolutely perfect and the ocean was so calm, we were able to take David in for a swim. There was a sand bar not for out that you could swim to where some small waves were crashing and we were able to ride some waves too. We stayed at the beach all day and enjoyed every minute! We even put little Owie's toes in and he was so cute! His first time in the ocean!
This week has been so wonderful and so much fun. It's been wonderful to be together as a family and make so many special memories and it's been so much fun to be with our dear friends and to see the boys have so much fun together. We are refreshed, tired and happy. Dave's theme this week that he's been teaching David and talking to us as a family about is gratefulness. Gratefulness to God for being so good to our family in countless ways and for all of his good gifts. We're so gratefull for being so kind to give us each other and two wonderful boys and friends who we love to be with! We're so gratefull for all of the memories and for this wonderful week away. We have so much to be thankful for!!!

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