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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dan and Amy's Wedding!

Yesterday, Dave's brother married Amy our new sister-in-law. It was a beautiful and touching ceremony and a fantastic and fun reception. The day was beautiful and the weather could not have been more perfect! It was an emotional day and a happy one for all of us. We are so happy for Dan and Amy who are wonderful people and a wonderful couple. We hope they have a fantastic honeymoon and can't wait to see them again soon. Our boys were so excited to get to dress up and see the wedding and they haven't stopped talking about it yet. Unfortunatley, Owen and Liam got sick in between the wedding and reception during the cocktail hour, so my mom had to take them home early. But they enjoyed the wedding!

Amy was a beautiful bride and I was honored to be a part of her bridal party. We all got our hair done together and went back to their house to get pictures before heading to the church.

We will always remember their special day and we feel so blessed to have such wonderful family. It brought tears to my eyes seeing Dave's Dad and grandfather together and looking so happy. We all especially wished that Dave's mom could have been there, but we know she would've been so happy and proud. Dave did a fantastic job giving his best man speech and it brought me to tears too.

Congratulations Dan and Amy!!! Here's to many, many years of happiness!
Just married!
Me and my love
David just danced the night away...he loves to dance! :)
My handsome!
Cocktail hour on a beautiful day!
Tom and's there turn next! Can't wait!
Decked out in all of their St. Patty's day gear

Dan and his dad and grandfather

We all took the limo from the church to the reception. Here's to Dan and Amy!
Having fun dancing!

Dave giving his speech

The family!

Dave and Dan headed into the church!
David and Kaylynn got to hand out the programs. David really loved that!

Here we are headed to the church with the sweet and cute flower girl.
Me and my sisters in law

Getting our hair done

Spring is Coming

My Owen and Liam...they really are cute together.


We've been loving the Spring-like weather we've been having over the past few weeks...we've been outside and at the playground as much as we can! We've been outside too with David when he gets home from school and his little friends from school and the neighborhood come over and play with us often. I am so glad that Spring is here!!!

Amy's Bachelorette Night

A couple of weeks ago, while Dave was away in Florida for the Phillies Spring Training and Dan's bachelor weekend, I got to celebrate Amy's bachelorette with family and friends. We had dinner at Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar, went to a concert (one of Amy's favorites!), and then went out afterward and spent the night in Philly. It was a fun night, although we were all feeling it the next day! :)

Liam and his trains

One of Liam's favorite things to play with Momma is "choo-choos". He loves the trains and wants me to build a track every day. He also loves to line up all of his cars or trains...just like David did when he was little!