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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun Day!

Well, this week has been busy and fun. On Monday night, we celebrated William's 5th birthday and the boys had a blast. William was so excited for his birthday! I am so disappointed that I forgot to bring my camera...I didn't get any pictures! David really enjoys playing with William and they share a love for trains!! After the party, we headed home for a Phillies party!!! We were all decked out in our Phillies gear and we could almost taste the win...and then the rain came. Noo!!! We were all really sad about the rain, but we still believe!!! Go Phillies!!!

Last night, Dave and David had a special time together doing a craft. In the spirit of the season, they made a friendly spider! David has so much fun making it with Daddy.

Today, we went to play group and David had fun playing with all his friends. After play group Beth Anne, the Van Berkom's and us went to the grand opening of our new Walmart!!! Finally, our Walmart is here!!! We had McDonald's for lunch and walked around the store. It is huge! It's tied for the largest Walmart on the East coast. It's going to make my life a lot more trips up to Elkton!!!

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