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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Philadelphia Marathon

I am so proud of David and his brother Dan and their friends Bob and Karen who all ran and finished the Philadelphia Marathon this past Sunday. It was a great day and I still can't believe they all did it! I was part of the cheering section with Amy and Tom and Tiffany and Vince. We had a great time and I was so glad and relieved to see Dave cross the finish line. Congratulations to all!!!
Me and my soon-to-be sisters in law!!! They are the best!
Dave at the half-way point waving to me! :)

Dan at the finish! His time was awesome!
Here comes Dave and Bob at the finish!
Almost there!

Dave, Dan, Bob, and Karen


David played his very first basketball game last weekend. He really enjoyed it and he is on the same team as his buddy, Ethan. It took a little while for the kids to get the concepts, but by the end David really seemed to understand what he needs to do. I know that Dave is especially excited that David is playing basketball. :)

Our pre-Thanksgiving Dinner with friends

We had our annual pre-Thanksgiving dinner with our friends last week. It was so good and the turkey was huge! It was so funny to see Owen, because he could not get enough of the turkey. :) He loved it! It was a lot of fun and everything was delicious!
Carving the turkey

Last Game of the Season

A few weeks ago, David and Owen had their last soccer games until the Spring. They were so excited to get their trophies! Asher and Liam are friends too! (see above)
Owen and Abby's team. It was very funny and cute to see them play. It also showed us just how different Owen is from David! When David was Owen's age, we were constantly having to pull him back and try to teach him to use self-control. With Owen, we had to push him just to play or move! hahaha.

In between the games, we stopped for hot chocolate...mmmm!

David and Isaac played so well this year. Good job!

David really grew in defense and in being a team player this year. Great job!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our trick or treaters. :) We had a great night trick or treating in our neighborhood. We got to see three of David's friends from school and we met and spoke to many of our neighbors! We went to a place in the back of our development that we know some friends too from t-ball and school. Our neighborhood was packed! We also got to go trick or treating with some neighbor friends that we met up with. It was so much fun!!! David seemed to be more excited to hand the candy out to people who came to the door. :) He said to everyone, "Great costume!" or "I like your costume." So sweet. And Owen was thrilled about it all! He was singing, "Here we go to trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat!" the whole night. Even Liam loved it. All in all it was a very fun night!

Harvest Parade at David's School

On Halloween, David's school had a harvest parade. All the students got to dress up and march around the school and all of the parents and siblings came and watched. It was so cute! Owen was so excited to see David and all of his friends. Even the teachers dressed up!
David's teachers were a cow and Snow White. :)

Waiting for David!

The Monster Mash

Mommom and Poppop treated us and the boys' cousins to the Children's Museum's Monster Mash. It was so much fun! The kids all got dressed up in their costumes and went trick or treating all around the museum. They came home with tons of goodies and fun treats. It was so much fun! Thanks for an awesome night, Mommom and Poppop!!! What a great memory!

A highlight was the dance party in the lobby. The kids just danced and danced and you should have seen Liam! He was hilarious. He just danced and danced! So cute.

Dave's Grandfather

We visited Dave's grandfather on his birthday a couple of weeks ago. The boys really love him and it is sweet to see them all together. Liam really liked him and just sat on his lap for a long time (which never happens...that kid never sits anywhere!). We were on our way to a Halloween party and the boys were all dressed up which was fun. We love you Poppop!

David's Birthday

Hahaha - this is from September. We celebrated David's birthday with lots of family. It's always fun to get to be with our family. :)