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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Beach!

 Last week we took our first trip to the beach of the season! It was a beautiful day and although the water was freezing, David and Owen went in! We played in the sand and played soccer and afterwards went to the boardwalk for some rides. It was a really fun day and we look forward to many more beach days this Summer.

Longwood Gardens with our friends

Last week on another beautiful day, I met my dear friend Jen and her boys at Longwood Gardens.
The boys had a blast running around and playing in the fountains and it was lovely to catch up with Jen. Miss you and love you my friend!

Our 1st Strawberry Picking of the Season

Last week we went strawberry picking for the first time this season. We are hoping to be able to go again next week as I promised Owen that we would make strawberry jam. The strawberries were delicious! 

Enjoying the strawberries!!!

My First Long Race!

 A couple of weeks ago, Dave and I along with some friends and family were able to run the Broad Street Run a 10 mile run that goes right down Broad Street in Philly. It was so much fun! I would love to do another one. I can't describe the feeling I had at the finish. I hope that I can keep running for years and years to come!

 At the finish with my sister-in-law, Amy.
 We did it!

David's Get Fit Day at School

 A few weeks ago, David's school had a fantastic field day. They had soccer, karate, moon bounces, obstacle courses, relay races, sack races, tug of war, scooter races, jazzercise, and more! I was able to be with him the entire day to help out and it was such a blast and a very special memory. We love all of his teachers and it's really fun to see him interact with them and his little buddies. He is so mature at school! He seems so grown up and I can hardly believe that this year is almost over. He just loved every minute of this day!

 His teacher made all the kids special shirts with their names on the back. So sweet!