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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 7...Coming Back Home

What a great trip! We had such a wonderful time and we're sad to come home. Dave and I had some special times just the two of us and it was so nice to be with my love. We love our sweet boys, David and Owen, and the special and fun times we had with each one of them are precious to us. David was so sad to leave his friends today that he kept saying that he wanted them to come to his house. He didn't want to leave! :) We were thinking of the highlights of our trip and it was hard to come up with one because the entire week was a highlight! Long talks with Dave, playing in the sand with Davey, going for swims and in the hot tub with Dave, our family bike ride, going out to breakfast, watching Davey run down the dunes, late night hot tub dips with our friends, watching the boys play together and run around, watching Owen experience so many new things and enjoying his many smiles, walks to town, key lime pie and Settlers, watching the VP debate with everyone, swimming with the boys, building lakes with David, getting ice cream, Duck donuts and coffee!, the beach....and I could go on and on. Thanks, friends for a fabulous week!!!


Maura said...

What a great blog! You did such a great job capturing all of our wonderful memories from vacation! Thanks again for a great week!

Jen said...

Loved your blog this week! I love keeping up with you all--does anyone esle have a blog? Us Covenant people miss you all so much! We are so excited to see your families grow!
Love to you all-

Dave and Sarah said...
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