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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today, I took the boys to get their pictures taken! I took David for his 3 year old photos and some of the boys together and also for their Christmas pictures. They turned out really cute and I purchased the CD so that I could have all of them. Here are some of my favorites...Enjoy!


Mimi said...

These pictures made me cry they are so wonderful, I love my precious little grandsons so much! Those are the best pictures ever!! May the Lord bless and keep you little ones and make His Face always to shine on you, May He ever keep you close to Him who is the Giver of all good things, who loves you even more than Mimi and Who will never ever leave you. He will always do you good all the days of your life and then He will take you to heaven where we will all live together because He took our punishment. You will one day understand how wonderful this is that He would do this for us when we don't deserve it. I hope that one day we will get to talk it over and wonder about the beauty of it together! Trust Him always. Your circumstances may lie but His Word will always be true. Seeing these wonderful pictures today is such a great blessing, like eating the richest of desserts at the most expensive of restaurants. I am blessed with a great and wonderful richness through my grandsons. Love Always, Mimi

InDeeds said...

Such adorable brothers! :-)

Maura said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures Sarah--what adorable, precious, handsome little boys! Your mom's comment brought a tear to my eye!
I'm glad it all went well. I may try the same venture next week! Hey-could your sister come with me?!?! j/k

Mommom and Poppop said...

Oh Sarah and Dave,
What beautiful boys, and to think they are our grandchildren too! (Yes, little boys can be beautiful)
The photographer was really good to get such great shots of both of them. We would never be able to pick out the best pictures as they are all so beautiful. It brings a smile to our faces as we see them on the screen together. We just can't imagine life without our grandchildren......God bless! Mommom and Poppop