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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Fun-Filled Weekend...Here are the Highlights...

Today, I dressed David and Owen in matching outfits. They were SO cute! I know I can only get away with this for a couple of years, so I intend to make the most of it! Here are some our little guys...Today, after church we headed up to my parents' house to celebrate my sister's 25th birthday! Happy Birthday "B"! (Incidentally, B was one of the things David was thankful for today along with "God and Jesus". :-) After celebrating B's birthday, we headed back home to celebrate David's special friend, Ethan's 3rd Birthday!!! The VanBerkom's had a packed house and the boys had a blast! My favorite moment had to be Ethan diving into his birthday cake! Ethan was so excited for his cake...his expressions were priceless. He just couldn't wait to eat it, so after we sang happy birthday to him and they were taking some pictures of the cake, he just dove right into it, mouth first!!! Priceless, just priceless. (Well, actually I had two favorite moments...the second one was at the end of the night, little Nathan standing up at the couch and just laying his head down in exhaustion!)
On Saturday, Poppop and Mommom came down for a surprise visit! We were so happy to see them and to hear all about their Mexican vacation! We missed them so much and we're happy that they are back. They brought gifts from Mexico for the boys too! David has been playing with his new toy truck (and wearing his baseball cap) ever since.
On Friday night, we got to babysit for Isaac and Abigail. What fun we had! I thoroughly enjoyed holding and playing "pat-a-cake" with Abby, and David and Isaac played and danced and had fun together. Dave read them a Cars book and even Owen joined in the fun! (Notice David is wearing the same shirt on both Friday and Saturday...that is because each and every day he wants to wear his "Phileedelphia Phillie's shirt". He loves that shirt and he's so proud of it. The only way I can get him to wear another shirt is to tell him I need to wash his Phillies shirt, because it's dirty! LOL!)
We finished off the weekend with bathtime, a favorite bedtime ritual in our household. It doesn't matter how tired or hungry or fussy Owen is, after he takes his bath he is in the happiest mood!


Mimi said...

Wow! What a fun packed weekend you had with the boys. The pictures are great. It was so special to get take out with you guys and to have you for dinner and birthday cake for "B's" Birthday. We loved holding Owen and play games and painting with David. Becky's favorites - David and Owen. Thanks for all the fun, I don't know how you had time to post all these great pictures. Love Mimi

Maura said...

Sounds like a pretty wonderful weekend! I just love the pictures of the boys in their matching outfits! You are getting really good behind the camera! It was great to see you all last night for Ethan's party! Love ya!

Lindy said...

Your boys are so cute in those little outfits! Thanks so much for watching Isaac and Abby the other night . . . it was such a blessing to spend time with Keith knowing that my kids were in such capable hands (and that they were having a blast!). We are looking forward to watching David and Owen! love, Lindy