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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday David

Last Saturday we had a family birthday party with a Cars movie theme for David. He won't turn 3 officially until September 15, but we started celebrating early! :) All day, David was saying, "My party is here! My party is here!" and "I'm 3 now, Mommy, I'm not 2 anymore." He was so excited for his birthday party. Our family managed to brave the tropical storm that was going right through Delaware (of all days!!!) and we had a great time being together and celebrating David. David was completely enthralled with the cars cake that Mommom made him and we couldn't tear him away from it. Dave had to bbq inside our garage because of the rain, but we managed and he cooked some delicious food! David loved opening his presents and he blew out all of the candles on his cake. His eyes would light up with each new gift and he's been playing with all of his new toys ever since. Here are some of the fun moments...

The cousins together...

Kaylynn was so cute with Owen...just like a little Mommy.

Mimi and Owen at the end of the night. Owen was so sleepy from all of the excitement!
David wanting to share some birthday cake with Poppop.
Mommy lighting the candles on David's special birthday cake. David blew out all of his candles!!!
David playing with his new toy from Poppop and Mommom.
Owen wishing his big brother David a happy birthday!
All of the guys, Tom, Dave, Mike and Dan...watching some football. David and Kaylynn playing together.
David loved opening all of his gifts. He was so excited about each one!
Uncle Mike, Aunt Terri, Uncle Dan and Kaylynn got David a special car!!! He's been driving in it to the "store" and he goes to "work" and he gets gas with it. :)
Mommy and Owen We couldn't keep David from his cake. He LOVED it!
David loved playing with all of his balloons too.
Owie was held all day by Mommom and Aunt Terri and Mimi and Uncle Tom and Uncle Dan and Aunt B. He was so content all day.

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