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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

David's 3rd Birthday Party with all of his little friends

We had so much fun having all of David's little friends over to--again :)--celebrate David's birthday. We had all sorts of fun games and food and treats and it was a blast. We love making memories with all of our friends and David loves all of his friends so much!!! The kids painted cars, fished for prizes and just had a bunch of fun together. I love watching the kids play is such a treat. David had so much fun and was so excited all day. My mom was kind enough to come down and help out with Owen (in fact, he stayed with her almost the entire time!) and I would never have been able to organize all the games and activities without her! Thanks so much Mom! Well, David sure is a lucky kid to have three birthday celebrations!!!


Maura said...

Great pictures! Happy Birthday again David! We had so much fun celebrating with you! You are a very special boy! Sarah-great job with the party!

ASR said...

These are the greatest pictures ever!!! It makes me wish I could have been there so much. There is one of Owen that is so wonderful, too, of him smiling--he looks like he has grown 3 months. All the boys are so cute, but no one smiles as big as our Davie!!! What a great place you guys had. Well have a nice smooth and uneventful drive home. Love, Mimi