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Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 2

What a day! The boys were SO adorable today and had such a great time together. We had a BEAUTIFUL beach day and were able to swim too! We stayed at the beach almost the entire day and David even had fun in the water. This evening, we took a walk to town and got some ice cream with the Jackson's while the Van Berkom family tried out the bikes that we rented. It was truly a fun and beautiful day. Owie has been such a sweet little boy this week and it is so much fun to have him with us this year. We are so enjoying every minute. We ended the night with our tradition of a Settlers game and Dave was victorious. Dave and I had some time just the two of us and we enjoyed the pool and the hot tub. It was a blast. Here are some of the pics... (we had so many cute was hard to narrow it down!)


Pearl Johnston said...

Wow! I feel like I am there with you guys! This is the best thing! Enjoy yourselves, it sounds like a blast and the pictures are fantastic.

Love you, Pearl

Dave and Sarah said...

Thanks, Pearl!!! When we were almost here and we were telling David, "We're almost at the beach house!", he thought that Mommom and Poppop were going to be there too. I thought that was funny... :)