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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Outer Banks - The Sound & The House

We went to the sound walkway/park a couple of mornings and had breakfast there. We also went exploring with the boys and tried fishing with our net. We didn't catch anything, but David really enjoyed it. I think that next summer, Dave will be taking the older boys fishing quite a lot. David is so fascinated by creatures in the ocean and in the water. He loves learning about all of them and it was a treat to get to see some crabs and fish.

We also loved the house we stayed in this year. It was so comfortable and we really had a wonderful week. We are looking forward to next year!

Trying to catch some fish. :)

Coffee and donuts. My favorite!

Asher and will be fun to see them next year. They will be little toddlers. :)

Dave working...he didn't have to work very much, just a little.

Listening to the ocean!

Having my mom with us (and Mrs. Jackson) was a huge blessing!!! We loved making special memories with Mimi and she was a HUGE help to us. It was so much fun having her and we hope to have her with us next year too!!! Nana and Mimi are so loved by all!

Playing foosball which was a highlight for our boys. They loved it!

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