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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beach With Dave's Family

We had a wonderful few days at the beach with Dave's family. We had special times with Mommom and Poppop and we got to visit with Dave's brothers and their girlfriends. It was such a fun time full of memories!!!

Poppop helping David catch some fish and sea creatures...he actually caught a crab!

Playing baseball with Uncle Dan. The boys loved having fun with their uncles!

Having a catch with Uncle Tom. Daddy and Owen playing "tackle".

David and his Poppop. These boys just love their Poppop.
Cookout and toasting marshmellows.

David enjoyed toasting marshmallows with Melissa! He then decided that he was going to open up a marshmallow restaurant and sell his marshmallows to everyone! It was so sweet. He was sooo excited to give each and every person their own marshmallow. He actually did a good job too!


Playing in our "pool". :)

Liam had a good time too...he especially loved getting some special time with Mommom and Poppop.

My sand-loving boy.

Catching fish. :)

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Maura said...

Great pictures..especially all the ones of the boys. And Liam has such a cute smile! I'm so glad you had such a nice time!