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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Outer Banks - Part 3

We enjoyed lots of time in our pool and hot tub! The adults even got some alone time some days while the kids napped/rested. It was SO relaxing! It was also fun to swim and play games in the pool with Isaac and David. Abby and Owen seemed to enjoy the water too! Our back yard also had horse shoes and a beach volleyball court. It was so fun!

Owen was swimming with a tube by himself for the first time! He was getting the hang of kicking his feet. :)

David's favorite game was diving for diving sticks.

Practicing soccer! Isaac and David are on the same team again this year. Go Wildcats!

On a couple of evenings, we walked into town to get ice cream and enjoyed a fantastic view!

So sweet.

We also walked to the playground one evening while the boys rode their bikes. It was such a fun playground!

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