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Monday, September 20, 2010

David's First Soccer Game of the Season

David had his first soccer game this past Saturday. Mommom and Poppop, Grandpop and Mimi, Uncle Mike, Aunt Terri, Kaylynn, Brendon, Uncle Tom, Uncle Al, Uncle Dan, and Amy all came out to cheer him on. He was so blessed to have them watch him. He scored a few goals and each time he did, he'd look over to where we were all standing. It was sweet. He and Isaac are on the same team again this year and they played their little hearts out! David played so hard. Poor Owen really wants to play and I can't wait until next Fall when they both can play. David loves it and it will be fun to watch him learn and grow over the next few weeks. Go Wildcats!

About to score a goal...

Kicked it in...

GOAL! Look at that face. So cute.

Waiting for their turn to start!

David's cheering section

David and Isaac

Coach Tim

1 comment:

InDeeds said...

Go David!

Little kid soccer is so much fun! My little brother played for a long time, and it was definitely a highlight of the fall!