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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Disney - Wednesday

We celebrated Dave's birthday today! We went back to Magic Kingdom for the morning and Blizzard Beach water park for the afternoon (sorry, I didn't take any pictures of the water park). Then we took Dave out for a birthday dinner at the House of Blues in downtown Disney.
We all met Mickey and Minnie at the Magic Kingdom and we are all so excited to meet them! David rode on his first roller coaster and he flew in the spaceships too. We liked Blizzard Beach the best and they had a great section of the park for older kids (but really David loved it). The water slides were great and they had a great wave pool that only did continual small waves, so you could float in tubes. That was so fun and Owen and David both loved the waves.

After dinner at the House of Blues we walked down to the marketplace. They have the coolest Lego store in the world! David loved that and we then took David to the biggest Disney store and toy store we've ever seen! We rode on a merry-go-round and David was the conducter on a train. We ended the night with sundaes from Ghiradelli's again. It was a really fun day celebrating Dave. Disney also gave Dave a $75 Disney gift card for his birthday!

That's Dave and David riding the spaceship!

That's David and Dave riding a roller coaster!

Meeting Mickey!

Downtown Disney

The Legos!

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