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Monday, May 4, 2009

Disney - Monday

Animal Kingdom! We started off going through Africa on a safari! This was a favorite of all of us. They take you around in a jeep with animals walking around in the wild! It was fun to get up so close to the animals. We then went into Asia for river rapids tubing! David came along with Dave and I and we all got soaked. That was my favorite ride of the day. We continued on through Asia and went to a Finding Nemo musical show. It was so was like a Broadway show! David enjoyed that, but Owen got a little impatient so we had to take him out towards the end of the show. We went through Asia to the land of the Dinosaurs! We all rode a flying Dinosaur ride and then David had the time of his life in the huge Dinosaur playground. He also got wet again, because his favorite part was running through the caves and the sprinklers. :) Dave and I rode a very fun and scary dino ride and then we headed over to meet...MICKEY! David was soooo excited to finally meet Mickey.
After meeting Mickey, David got his face painted guessed it! A tiger! This was one of David's highlights of the week. He went around roaring all day! Ha, ha, ha.
We then watched the jungle parade. David literally would jump up and down and wave at each character as they went by. He was so cute. Owen loved the music at the parades and clapped his hands and danced each time.

Animal Kingdom was really beautiful and it was fun to see all the animals and go to all the parts of the park. My mom watched the boys that evening and Dave and I went out to dinner on a big boat on the water in Downtown Disney. Another spectacular day!

Heading to Africa...

Some of the animals we saw on our safari


David loved the playgrounds

Meeting Mickey at last!

David transformed into a tiger! That night when we washed it off, he said to us that "David's back! I'm back!" :)

The jungle parade!

Waving to the characters...he would call to them too.

Our dinner. Delicious!

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