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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Longwood Gardens Christmas

The night before Christmas Eve, we went to Longwood Gardens as a family to see all the Christmas lights and displays and the trains. This is a yearly tradition for us and it was a beautiful night and we all loved looking at all the beautiful displays. My mom came with us which was a special treat. The boys loved the trains and we were surprised at how much Liam loved the trains and the lights. He really loved the was so cute. David and Owen of course were thrilled with the trains. :)

We had a great time as a family!


InDeeds said...

I really need to visit Longwood Gardens some day. I hear nothing but good things - I even have some friends here in Baltimore who have visited every year at Christmas for years!

Sarah said...

We love it there! It helps that we get the membership. :) The boys love it at Christmas too...especially the trains and the beautiful lights. They have beautiful displays inside too.