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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas day this year. The boys slept in until 7:45 AM (We are the luckiest parents around!) and then waited for us to get everything ready to rush down the stairs to see if someone had been to our house the night before. They were so excited to see the presents under the tree and their stockings full! It is priceless watching them open their gifts...they get so excited about each one! Liam opened one present and didn't really get the concept, but he loved his gifts. He LOVES the talking/singing Winnie the Pooh that we got him. He started giving Pooh hugs and kisses right away and didn't leave his side the entire day. As soon as we got home that night, he started asking for "Pooh" and has basically not left Pooh since. It is so sweet!

After the presents were unwrapped and played with for a little while, we had our special Christmas breakfast of baked french toast and bacon. is so bad for you, but we only have it once each year. :)

After breakfast and some more playing with their new presents, we headed to Mommom and Poppop's house for lunch and to see more family. We had a great time and the boys got a car load of gifts and we did too! Our families are so generous and kind to us and the boys. We are grateful! After that, we headed to Mimi and Grandpop's for dinner and even more gifts (ahh!). The boys also got to play Wii with their Uncle Al and Dave and I even played it too. :)

We came home tired and happy after a wonderful day experiencing the many, many blessings of our family. I love Christmas and seeing the boys' faces makes all the work so worth it! We are also so grateful that we get to see our families too. We love them all! It was indeed a Merry Christmas for us and I hope for all reading as well. :)

Waiting to open...
I love their expressions. :)
Lili opening his Pooh
Hugs for Pooh

Kisses for Pooh

Cars 2 of course!

Brothers. I love these two!
Playing with Owen's Batcave
All my men. I am one lucky girl!
Mommom opening her special gift from all of her grandchildren
The cousins!

On to Mimi and Grandpops!

Dinner was fantastic and I even came in 2nd place in our family Texas Hold 'Em Poker game. :)
The end.

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