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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Franklin Institute

Last week on Dave's day off we went to the Franklin Institute to see the Dinosaur exhibit that is there right now. The boys were thrilled! They loved all the dinosaurs and they even got to pretend to be paleontologists and dig for fossils. We also took them to see "Monsters of the Air" an IMAX movie about Pterosaurs (which David is very interested in as well). They loved how giant the screen was and how it made them feel like they were moving with the movie.

The boys also really loved the Sports Challenge section of the museum where they got to try out a lot of different sports activities. It was so cool! I am planning to take them back in a couple of weeks to go through the museum again, because we barely scratched the surface!

They also enjoyed climbing in the big "heart" and David even watched a REAL dissection of an eye...!

I have a feeling we will be visiting this museum many, many more times!

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