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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Liam - 7 Months

Liam turns 7 months old this week. It's hard to believe how fast the last seven months have gone by! Liam is growing up so fast and it seems like each week he is learning something new. He just figured out how to go from on his hands and knees to sitting up all by himself. He seems so proud of his accomplishment each time he does it too. :) He also just learned how to clap his hands. It's adorable! He claps his hands when I come to get him out of his crib, when I turn on his little mobile (he LOVES it), when I put him in his high chair for food, and just for fun. It is so cute. He still isn't really crawling or going forward that well. He just rocks on his hands and knees and crawl a little while on his hands and feet. He is a little person with his own unique personality and we love him so much!!!


Happy boy...with two teeth!

Mmmm...he loves to eat his feet.

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