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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


“It is at this place of inner conflict —where what we want and believe would be bestseems to be at cross-purposes with the plans of God —where we need to hear Jesus speak.

Jesus wrestled with God’s plan for His life —and His death — even as He submitted to it…He was able to submit what He wanted to what He wanted more…so He gave Himself over to the goodness of God. Jesus confidence in the perfect plan and purposes of Godput his own desires into proper perspective.…as we pour out our wants before God He gives us the grace we need to face whatever comes…as we stop fighting and start welcoming His Holy Spirit, we discover that He is actually changing what we want. We begin to enjoy an inner strength and rest, a firm confidence that whatever God asks us to endure is purposeful. We begin to truly believe that the joy of surrendering to His will is going to be worth whatever it may cost.

What we need most is not to hear God say yes to our requests. What we need is to be filled with such deep confidence in the character of our Father that when He says no we know He is doing what is right and good for us. What we need most is the faith to trust Him. It takes great faith to say to God, ‘Even if you don’t heal me or the one I love, even if you don’t change my circumstances, even if you don’t restore this relationship, even if you allow me to lose what is most precious to me, I will still love you and obey you and believe that You are good.” Nancy Guthrie Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow

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