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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Longwood Gardens

On Monday, I took the boys up for one last trip to Longwood Gardens before the fountains are turned off for the season. We LOVE it there. We have a membership through my parents and love to go there all throughout the year.

We had such a fun day together. David and Owen loved pretending to feed the fish in one of the ponds with grass, watching the ducks and geese swim, climbing the treehouses, playing in the fountains, going through the children's maze, watching the train display (especially Thomas!), sitting by the waterfall, learning about all sorts of plants and flowers, collecting leaves that had fallen to the ground, and running and walking all through the park. Liam loved sitting in my lap by the water and the fountains and watching all of the fun. I love being able to make special memories with my's the best!

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