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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun Outside!

Last night, we had a wonderful time playing in the sprinkler and meeting new neighbor friends! I am absolutely loving this summer-like weather! The boys loved being outside in the water with their new bathing suits (thanks Mommom and Poppop!). We had a blast playing with our neighbor friends and enjoying being outside.
Little did we know that just a little while later, we would be headed up to AI ER for Owen to get stitches from a fall and biting through his lip. It was terrible seeing him go through so much pain and I am glad it's over! He seems much more like himself now and hopefully, his boo boo will heal quickly. We didn't get much sleep last night as we got home about 2:30 AM. What a night!
Today, I had my last level 2 ultrasound before baby Liam is born. He is about 6 pounds, 7 ounces and doing well. They turned the 3-D on again and I actually got to see him smile!!! He was smiling a lot and the technician thought he was laughing. I almost was very precious. He looks like...DAVE! :)
We are hoping the last few days before his birth are a little less exciting. :)


InDeeds said...

Sorry to hear about the ER trip - looks like lots of fun was had up until then!

Jason and Megan said...

Great pictures of the boys! I'm so glad Owen seems to be doing a little better after his long long night.

Maura said...

Looks like David got a haircut. I like it a lot! This weather is awesome. So sorry to hear about Owen. We will be praying.