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Monday, September 7, 2009

We just got back from our 4th annual beach vacation weekend with Poppop and Mommom! We had a fantastic time and the boys loved being at the beach with their Poppop and Mommom. We were all sad to leave and we can't wait until next time.

Owen is a sand baby! He LOVES the sand and is content to just play in the sand all day. He was such a happy little guy the entire time. David discovered that he loves swimming in the ocean and the waves and it was so fun swimming with our big guy. It was a little scary at times because he was just diving over the waves and he would go under and I'd have to pull him up, because sometimes he had a hard time doing it by himself. It was so deep he would get carried by the current, so we had to watch him at all times! Nothing stopped him, though! He loved the water and couldn't get enough of it! It was a blast "crashing" the waves with our boy.

Mommom and Poppop treated us to dinner and we had a delicious meal and we were so hungry we ate so much! I can't believe how much these boys can eat. :) We then headed to Funland for some rides! David was having the time of his life going on all the rides and it's so much fun to experience his joy.

Dave took the boys out each morning for a special "Daddy time" breakfast and made some really great memories...just the guys. :)

We made so many special memories and thank you Mommom and Poppop for such a fun time!

On top of our "mountain"

Owen is a little scared of the ocean...

...but he loves the sand!

A little chilly

Poppop and David

The only pictures I got, because I was swimming with him!

The rides!

The roller coaster!


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InDeeds said...

Looks like very fun times!