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Saturday, August 15, 2009

David's First Race

This morning, before the annual Middletown peach festival, David particapted in a 1k "kiddie run" to raise money for Middletown Athletics. They do a 5k as well and maybe next year Dave and I will run that! He was so excited to be able to race and he looked so cute getting ready.
He did so well! He ran the entire way and didn't stop and finished with a big smile. He received a medal and I think we have a future runner on our hands! :) We are so proud of him for running the whole way without stopping even once.
Our friends came a little late because the race began earlier than expected, so we recreated it and he ran it again!
It was so much fun and he was so cute!!!
Our happy little racer

Ready, set, go!

There he goes!

Almost there...

Almost at the finish line!
Winning the medal!

The 2nd race!

Proudly displaying their ribbons!

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