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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adventures in St. John, Part 1

Our first adventure was a trip to the other side of the island and to Little Lameshur Bay. It was QUITE a drive getting there as we went through the mountains on some very crazy roads. We finally got through the mountains and went through Coral Bay and then...the road ended. We went off-roading in our jeep and after a crazy, bumpy, fun ride where we encountered some donkeys and goats, we arrived at a tucked away little bay where we there was just us and a couple of others. Snorkeling was fun here as there was a great reef and some really neat seagrass to swim through. We enjoyed the quiet little beach and headed back home, stopping by a little restaurant called Shipwreck Landing. Had a really nice day and Dave really enjoyed off-roading! :) It felt like we were in a private beach!
The breathtaking views of St. John

Little Lameshur Bay

Dave snorkeling...

Mmm...a fruity drink at a sweet little waterfront restaurant in Coral Bay called Shipwreck Landing.

A little friend...

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