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Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Dentist Appointment

Today, David had his very first dentist appointment! We went to our friend, Dr. Bailey. At first, David was a little shy, but he soon warmed up to everyone. David was so brave and cooperative! He did amazingly well. Everyone was so nice and David was so excited to get his new toothbrush and a prize. The dentist said his teeth look healthy and was pleased with the way his baby teeth had come in.

David was so cute as I was checking out, he leaned down to Owen (who was in his carseat) and said, "Look, Owen! My teeth are all clean and shiny!". Then he said to me, "Mom after we go to McDonalds (his treat for being such a brave, good boy), my teeth will be dirty again. I need to brush my teeth." :) He's growing up so fast...

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