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Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Beach Day of the Year

Today we headed to the beach with our friends, the Jacksons. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. We all had a great time. David and Isaac even ran into the water!!! The water must be 50 degrees. Didn't seem to keep them away, though. Owen was determined to get to the sand and keeping him on the beach blanket was a little tough. :) He loves to put EVERYTHING (and I do mean everything) in his mouth, so I was just envisioning Owen scooping out handfuls of sand and putting it in his mouth! We managed to keep him away and he had the time of his life. David and Isaac had fun running around and playing in the sand...they both love the beach.
After spending the day in the sun and on the sand, we headed to Grotto's for pizza! We fed Owen his first taste of pizza and he ate almost an entire piece!!! That boy loves to eat. He was so excited, he just clapped his hands and would lunge forward to get the pizza. It was funny to watch! We also got some ice cream and gave him a taste of that too.
I can't wait for summer and many more trips to the beach to come .

My guys

Enjoying the water...!


MVB said...

Glad you all had such a wonderful day together! It sure was a beautiful weekend! Your pictures are great! Are those all shot in manual mode? Or did you edit them? The colors are outstanding!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Maura! Most of them are shot manually. I didn't change/edit the colors. Just cropped and sharpened a bit. Not enough time to do much else. I was really frustrated, b/c my camera was only working part of the time and I missed a lot of good shots. After experiencing this for a few weeks now, I took it in to the shop. Turns out the lens was broken. I was going to upgrade anyway and I got a much better lens with twice the zoom (18 mm - 105mm)! I am very excited to have a working camera again!!!