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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Party

David and (almost) all of his little friends had a little Valentine's day party today. They made little bags to collect and exchange their cards, heart cookies, and Valentine's jello jigglers! Fibia was kind enough to remember my birthday and she surprised me with a cake! David enjoyed "helping" me blow out my candles. Baby Emma made her first appearance at playgroup...we are so glad to have another girl! She was so sweet and slept through most of the chaos!

Much fun was had by all.


Mimi said...

This is a test.

Mimi said...

What a great Valentines party. I can't believe you had a valentines party for the kids!! That is so neat! Wow they looked like they were all having so much fun. What adorable kids. Davey and Owey have the greatest friends! The moms are training these boys and getting them ready to do Valentines Day with their wives someday. Way to go! Happy Valentines Day to all. Love and Kisses to Davey and Owey from Mimi