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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Isaac!

Yesterday, we celebrated Isaac's 3rd birthday with a Cars party! Lindy did a fabulous job and made a really fun and creative cake that the boys just loved! All of the boys had so much fun with all the activities and games and David and Owen came home with a lot of treats! David was so excited that Isaac was having a birthday and he just couldn't wait to "sing happy birthday to Isaac"!

One of David's favorite parts of the entire day was when everyone had gone home, Keith was playing with David and Isaac and they were playing with Lightning and Mater and Frank and the tractor. They would move their cars up really quietly and then tip the tractor (just like in the movie) and then Frank would come and chase them! Isaac and David were just laughing and laughing!

We love you Isaac! You are a very special boy and we loved being able to celebrate your 3rd birthday!

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