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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not much happening here...

Well, not much happening around here, hence no posts! It's been a couple of weeks of nasty viruses for several of David's friends and my friend, Lindy, is in the hospital now after a stomach virus worked its way through her family. Please pray for them! It's so hard to see those you care about suffer. I am praying that she recovers quickly and gets her strength back quickly too.

We are hoping and praying that everyone gets well soon and that NO ONE ELSE gets this virus!

On a much happier note, Happy 2nd Birthday to two of the cutest twins around, Andrew and Jonathan!


Jen said...

Hi Sarah!

Just read your post-Is Lindy OK? I am hoping she is out of the hosiptal now...let me know !


Sarah said...

Hi Jen,

Lindy is home! She is much better now after experiencing severe stomach pains. Nothing serious was wrong, and hopefully she is completely recovered. They've had a rough couple of weeks. Isaac had the stomach bug for a full 7 days!