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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trip to Washington D.C.

 Over David's Spring break, we headed to Washington DC to see the Smithsonian museums...we went to the Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaurs and the Air and Space museum. It was a beautiful Spring day and we enjoyed walking around the Mall and having a picnic lunch. The boys loved the museums and David wanted to stop and read EVERY SINGLE sign about the exhibits. :) He is like a sponge just soaking up all the information. He really does love to learn about so many different things and it was really fun to see him experience DC. Dave, ever the US history buff, gave a little lesson on the car ride down about our government and our capital. David and Owen loved hearing their Dad tell them all about our country. Our first stop was to see the dinosaurs. They have a T-Rex!!! The boys were thrilled and since David knows much, much more than I do about dinosaurs, he acted as our tour guide throughout all the different kinds. :) We had a really fun day and Liam even took a nap in the stroller (MIRACLE!) when we were in the air and space museum. Owen is really into airplanes and space right now, so he especially loved seeing all the planets and the airplanes. What a fun day! I love that we are only a couple of hours away from a mostly free fun family trip! :)
 the mighty T-Rex!

 Yes, they are feeding Liam to the dinosaur...hahaha.

 Our picnic lunch

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