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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Outer Banks 2011 - The Beach

My lens is broken, but I was able to get some pictures of our trip. We had a great time again with the Jackson family and Nana and Mimi. This was our 6th year in a row! We were closer to the beach this time and really enjoyed watching and listening to the ocean on our deck. The kids had a blast all week. The ocean was very rough with very strong currents, so we had to be careful. But the kids loved getting knocked around by the waves (except for when we almost lost Liam...that's another story!). We had a little birthday celebration for David and had many fun times in the pool. We once again enjoyed Duck Donuts and Duck's Cottage for coffee every morning. Our moms helped us so much and we don't know what we would do without them! Every morning Dave and I went for a run or got some coffee or just sat out on our deck together. It was so nice! And I got to read each afternoon at the pool while the kids were resting.

We once again (thanks to our Mimi!) had fantastic weather all week. so we were able to really enjoy our house and the pool and it was fun to see Owen really love swimming this year. All the kids loved the hot tub (which I didn't attempt to use after a couple of days of all the kids being in it!) and they called it the hot pool. It was another great year with great friend, great memories, and fun.

Seal Team Six Go!

And...down they go!

The current was so strong, the boys were just knocked over by it. But they loved it!

Double pump!

Football on the beach!

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