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Monday, January 24, 2011


All three boys are sick. :( Poor Liam has it the worst. He had to get a nebulizer and I have to give him treatments every 4-6 hours for a week. He also had a double ear infection and needed to go on antibiotics. Owen and David have colds with coughs, but are okay.

Poor Liam...he is so happy even though he's so sick. He seems just like his happy self...hopefully, he'll be feeling better soon.


Fibia said...

So sorry that you little men are sick!! I assumed that you and Dave were on a week-end getaway for your anniversary when I did not see you at church. Hope that you were able to do something special despite the boys being sick and pray for a quick recovery!

Beth Anne said...

The nebulizer is hard enough to do on Will, so I'm sure getting Liam to sit still is a big challenge! I hope you are feeling better too, Sarah. I am praying for a speedy recovery!