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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Please Touch Museum

Warning: There are a TON of pictures to follow. :)
This past Saturday, we went to the Please Touch Museum (Thanks, Mommom, for the tickets!!!). We took my Mom along with us and we had a blast! It's a fantastic place to take kids, especially during the winter months.

Someone gave us free tickets to the carousel ride too!!! Even baby Liam enjoyed it.

Playing at the McDonalds.

Dr. Owen checking his baby. She had a "booboo".

Baker Owen

One of their favorite parts of the museum: the grocery store!

Alice in Wonderland. The boys got a kick out of this room. :)

We're painting the roses red, we're painting the roses red!

Another highlight was the rivers and boats!

I love his face! He's trying so hard!

Going for a bus ride!

Pit crew and then off to the races!


Adrian and Meredith said...

That museum looks really cool; where is it?

You should let us know the next time you're going sledding. Lyndon and I love to go for walks in the snow, and I know he'd enjoy watching the older kids play... as would I. Snow makes me feel like a kid again. :-)

Maura said...

Great pictures and great fun! I can't wait to go.. It looks so different from when I took some of my patients there a long time ago when I worked in Philly.

InDeeds said...

That looks like such a fun museum. Baltimore has something similar (at least I think its similar, since I have not technically been to either), called Port Discovery. Apparently they just added a section for babies and toddlers too. I am excited to take Phoebe there before too long!