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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Party!

We celebrated the 4th with lots of fun and friends! We had a bbq and then all went to watch the fireworks. We had so much fun and even Asher Jackson came!!!

Sparklers were a hit! Although Owen was a little scared. :)

Two cuties...Kellen and Lyndon who are only three weeks apart!

Waiting for the fireworks!

The necklaces were a hit with the kiddos!
This was so cute. Jake, Mady, David, and Owen all wanted to lay out on their towels and have their juice. So adorable! They actually stayed out there for quite some time too.

Fun in the pool!

Enjoying Owen's water table!


Jason and Megan said...

We had such a great time...thank you so much for having us over. Jake is still talking about how much fun he had!

lindsay k said...

Thanks again, we had a great time! Love the pics!