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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Owen!

Yesterday was Owen's 2nd birthday. I can't believe he's two and it's been two years since we first held our little guy. Owen has been looking forward to his party and his birthday. David and Owen woke up very early on Saturday and were practically jumping out of their skin in anticipation for the party. Most of our family came down and we had such a blast celebrating together. My favorite part of the day was when Owen was so eager to blow out his candle and so excited about it that he blew it out before we could even get half-way through the happy birthday song. SO CUTE!

Owen is so special to us and the past two years have been filled with so many joyful memories. He's so eager to be just like his big brother and wants to do everything that David does. Owen also loves other kids and people and is always saying "Hi" to everyone in sight (even if they don't respond back...he just keeps repeating it over and over again!). He loves his brothers and for the most part :) is very sweet with baby Liam. He loves music and loves to sing along and dance. I love watching him's hysterical! He really gets into it. He also loves to draw and color. Most of all, he loves to play outside!!! Any activity, whether going swimming, to the park, playing sports, playing in the back yard, you name it he loves to be outside so much!!!

He loves to read stories and loves to sit in my lap when I read to him. He still loves lots of cuddles and kisses which I love! He loves his blankie and my favorite times are when he brings his blankie over and climbs up on my lap for cuddles. Owen most definitely has a strong will. Oh boy! He gives me some trouble that's for sure. :) We are praying that the Lord would use our efforts to turn his stubborn will towards the Lord and that someday he will be a strong man of God.

He is our precious, sweet boy and we love him so, so, so much!!! We love you Owey. Happy birthday little man. May the Lord bless you all of your years.

Poppop and the boys...they sure do love their Poppop!

Owen's "Choo choo cake" He was soooo excited when he saw it!

Owen was so excited for his cake that he blew out his candle before we even finished singing, "Happy Birthday" to him! It was the cutest thing ever. He LOVED his cake and loved the happy birthday singing. We sang it to him again today and lit his candle on a piece of cake and he loved that. :)

Umm...I think he enjoyed it. :)

Owen and his special friend Abby were feeding each other the cake. :)

My cute nephew!!

Goin' fishin'
Owen loves this pool!

Our special third grandmother, Dokey, meeting Liam. Liam loves his Poppop already!!!
Kisses from Mommom!

Owen was so excited about each of his gifts and each of his cards! It was fun watching him open the gifts and tear off the tissue paper and wrapping paper.


Pin the number 1 on Thomas!

Mommom getting to feed Liam.
What a happy baby! I think Liam enjoyed being held all day by so many uncles, aunts, grandparents, and friends!
Amy and Tiffany are loved by our boys. :)

Watching the USA lose the World Cup. Boo.

The Dunphy's stopped by and the kiddos had fun outside together!
Following in her Mom's footsteps already!


Aliza said...

Wow Sarah, the newest one looks SO MUCH like Dave!! Precious! Happy Birthday Owen:-)

InDeeds said...

Happy Birthday Owen! Looks like a fun party!