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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Cup

This is an excerpt from Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross. which is a book about the "Passion and Power of Easter". This is from a chapter entitled, "The Cup," by CJ Mahaney. GREAT BOOK!!!

"As we watch Jesus pray in agony in Gethsemane, he has every right to turn his tearful eyes toward you and me and shout, 'This is your cup. You're responsible for this. It's your sin! You drink it.' This cup should rightfully be thrust into my hand and yours.

Instead, Jesus freely takes it that from the cross he can look down at you and me, whisper our names and say, 'I drain this cup for you--for you who have lived in defiance of me, who have hated me, who have opposed me. I drink it all...for you."

It's overwhelming to think about the love that Jesus has for you and me...that he would drink the cup of God's wrath that I deserve, because he loves me.

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