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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010!

What a snowstorm! We are literally buried in snow! We had a really fun morning with a big breakfast, making blanket forts, and have treasure hunts around the house. It's so nice to be warm and cozy in our house surrounded by snow.

We finally ventured outside this afternoon (without Owen, though. The snow is still coming down so hard and the snow would be up to his head!). David enjoyed playing with our neighbor friend, Payton, while Dave worked hard to at least start clearing out the snow. When we got outside there was even more snow than we thought! It's over two feet and still coming down! I think it's the most snow I've ever seen. We look forward to taking Owen out too to see what he thinks about it and making some homemade pizza together tonight!

We love being snowed in together! What fun!

Fun in the blanket fort!

Snowed in!

Dave working hard trying to clear out some of the snow!

Playing with David's friend and neighbor. They made a path through the middle of the yard. David fell and got stuck a couple of times since the snow came up past his stomach! cocoa!

One happy boy.


Maura said...

Glad to see your blog post. We just came in too from a fun adventure outside! Fun, isn't it?!? Crazy snow. When will it stop!
Enjoy the rest of you weekend!

InDeeds said...

Blanket forts are the best!

Adrian & Meredith said...

David is so cute. I wish our little one was old enough to appreciate all this snow; it's probably the most he'll see for a long time . . . and he doesn't even know it's happening. Maybe we'll have a repeat performance next year? :-)