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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Owen and David's New Room, Part 2

Well, so far so good! They both slept very well last night, with no problems! We are putting them to bed at 7:30 to make sure that Owen gets a full night sleep as he is used to sleeping in later than David.

This morning at about 7:30, I was greeted by a very sweet sight. David and Owen both came out of their room together with their Mickeys and Owen with his blankie trailing behind him. David was saying to me, "Owey D wants to come with me, Mommy." and Owen was saying, "Day-Day (which is what he calls David), Day-Day." and "Mama, let's go! Mama, let's go!" Owen looked very proud to be with his big brother. :) David was telling me how much he loves having Owen in his room. Very sweet and very precious.

We went downstairs and David was trying to take care of Owen the whole time. It's really cute.

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