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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our little peanut

I got to see our little peanut again today. He is now about 1 pound, 13 ounces and look healthy! Great news!!! We still don't have a name and are really no closer to a name than we were a month Owen says, "Uh-oh."

I go back in two weeks and start my weekly biophysicals, so life is about to get even busier! He likes to move a lot, especially at night once I go to bed. :) I am getting more and more excited to meet him and it does feel like the last months are going by so slowly!

We are setting up the boys room this weekend with their new beds and bedding. I am so excited to see it done and I think they will absolutely LOVE sharing a room together. They really have grown into little friends, and it's one of the sweetest things to me to see them play together. David has grown very caring towards his little brother and I know that he will be an excellent help once we have the baby. :)