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Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Fun!

In the morning, we went to the pool and enjoyed swimming with the boys. My mom came because my Dad was away visiting his father for the weekend and it was really fun to have her with us! We then went to the Goodsell's house for a BBQ with great food, sparklers, fireworks, and fun. After that, we all headed to the park in Middletown for the annual fireworks show. Jason and Megan brought glow sticks for the boys which they loved. Jason is a grill master and the food was sooo good. He also set off some fireworks which the boys loved (and so did we!). What a FUN day. Dave and I agree that the 4th of July is our second favorite holiday. We love the summer, bbq's, friends, fireworks, and the freedom that we enjoy in our country.

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InDeeds said...

We could see some of those fireworks from our house such a long ways away!