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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A BIG Milestone for David

Our little boy is growing up! This summer David has grown up so much. He learned to ride a bike with training wheels and now his favorite activity is to go on bike rides with Dave. And just last week, he started swimming on his own with just a life jacket! He loooves it and is asking to go swimming every day. We are going to have to get his swim lessons, though, as he dove in without a jacket on Saturday...yikes! Mrs. VB was calm under pressure and rescued him though before he went under.
We've been going to the pool a lot and it's been so nice to have a more relaxed summer schedule with the boys. Most days, we pack a lunch and head to the pool all afternoon. We've also been enjoying our friends' pool. Here are some pictures of David swimming at the VB's pool this weekend. He's such a big boy! :)
There he goes...

Owen loves the water too and likes floating around in his "boat".

Ethan loves his goggles! :)

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